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You love coaching but you don't love being trapped on discovery or sales calls all day. It's time to design a business that generates leads, qualifies clients for your 1:1, and makes you income passively.

A Must-Have in Your Offer Suite...

Create YOUR Micro Digital Solution!

The Coach's Passive Pathway will guide you through creating a profitable product that attracts clients

& generates qualified leads for your 1:1 offer, while you earn income passively!

Begin to Scale Beyond 1:1

The Coach's Passive Pathway is your first step in creating & selling micro-digital solutions. Low to medium-ticket offers build your passive pathway and allow you to say goodbye to the crazy street of launching.

Digital products are your way to revolutionize your coaching business. Think less Zoom calls, more ideal clients, & passive income at the same time!

Use this resource to identify your most profitable product and then begin organizing, framing, & selling it!!

Work With Me

I have 3 options for you to choose from:

Sales Surge Strategy

🔺Only 4 spots available monthly!🔺

This is your opportunity to receive straightforward feedback as I review your offer suite & business assets. I will tell you exactly what to adjust so you can attract more clients.

Have you ever wanted to show your work to a coach to ensure everything works? Well, that is what I'll do on this audit.

I will review your lead magnet, digital product, coaching offer, or any other business asset, & provide honest & actionable feedback, so you can confidently release the material & make more sales.

On-Call Coaching: 30 Days

🔺Only 5 spots available monthly!🔺

This is all about focusing!

There are so many strategies you can use to grow your business, but determining what is best for you and your unique business is essential for long-term growth.


Because if you don't enjoy doing it, you won't. You get to do the things you like, keep those things simple, & attract clients through an offer suite that meets their needs.

On-Call Coaching: 30 Days Voxer

🔺Limited Availability🔺

Think of this as having your coach on speed dial. Say goodbye to scheduled calls and get the support you want when you want it.

This is not cookie-cutter coaching. It's personalized with custom reviews of your work so you can hit your goals.

Voxer coaching provides flexibility as you can listen & respond based on your schedule. This is perfect for busy entrepreneurs who desire to have a coach on-call.

Helpful & Free Resources

Create Passive Income Inside Your Coaching Business

4 Steps to Passive Income As

An Affiliate & Digital Marketer

Pillars of Influence

A Guide to Posting with Purpose

Newer to Online Business & Looking for Direction?

The options below were crafted to get you started with step-by-step directions, so you can stop saying,

"I don't know where to start," and to give you the clarity you need to take action!

Redefine Bundle

Your 'All Things Digital' Course to build an online business. Grab The Redefine Bundle & start building today!

Includes 2 VIP sessions & more

Private Mentorship Call

Book a 1:1 call to discuss your digital product ideas & determine your next steps to attract clients & build your passive pathway.

Personalized mentorship calls are great if you need a fresh set of eye on your business.

Hi, I'm Nora.

Welcome to my online hub!

I'm guessing your curiosity has led you here because you desire to make an income online. Whether you're a seasoned business owner, a fresh-faced entrepreneur, or exploring something new, you're in the right spot. If you share my enthusiasm for waving goodbye to the 9-5 grind and saying a resounding "hell yes" to passive income, we're already kindred spirits!

After leaving the corporate craziness behind, I built a business that supported women in taking their ideas online as they realized they were more than their resumes and titles. I wanted my version of having it all, which meant making an income while having more time with my husband and children.

The bad news was I built a business I didn’t love because it kept me strapped to my desk, which felt similar to my 9-5. I stumbled upon a course that finally showed me how to set up my business with automation.

This led me to explore digital products and use them in my coaching business. This is how I discovered the path to generating income passively in my business without Zoom calls & constantly creating new offers.

Now I'm on a mission to help coaches avoid burnout by attracting qualified clients with micro-digital solutions and generating income passively!! You can redefine your business regardless of your past or present situation!

p.s.s Grab your FREE Digital Product Starter Kit. This is your essential checklist for creating a profitable digital product.

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