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If you're like me, you know the online world is full of opportunity, and now you're ready to be part of the passive income world to create the lifestyle you desire.

Ready to Create YOUR Digital Product?

The Coach's Passive Pathway is for YOU!

Turn Your Knowledge Digital

The Coach's Passive Pathway is your first step towards attracting more clients and starting your passive income pathway.

Digital products are your way to revolutionize your coaching business. Think less Zoom calls, more ideal clients, & passive income at the same time!

Use this resource to identify your most profitable product and then begin organizing, framing, & selling it!!

Newer to Online Business & Confused?

Each of the options below was crafted to get you started with step-by-step directions, so you can stop saying, "I don't know where to start," or to give you the clarity you need to take action!

Redefine Bundle

Your 'All Things Digital' Course to build an online business. Grab The Redefine Bundle & start building today!

Includes 2 VIP sessions &more

Digital Marketing VIP Experience

This is included in the Redefine Bundle. If you own The Roadmap, but desire 1:1 personalized support, this is for YOU!

Private Mentorship Call

Book a 1:1 call to discuss your digital product ideas & determine your next steps to create passive income. I will learn about your unique business & ideal client, so I can provide honest & personalized mentorship.

Helpful & Free Resources

Digital Product Starter Kit

Avoid Creating Boring Products

4 Steps to Passive Income As

An Affiliate & Digital Marketer

Pillars of Influence

A Guide to Posting with Purpose

Hi, I'm Nora.

Welcome to my online hub!

I'm guessing your curiosity has led you here because you desire to make an income online. Whether you're a seasoned business owner, a fresh-faced entrepreneur, or exploring something new, you're in the right spot. If you share my enthusiasm for waving goodbye to the 9-5 grind and saying a resounding "hell yes" to passive income, we're already kindred spirits!

After leaving the corporate craziness behind, I set out to build a business that supported women in realizing they were more than their resumes and titles. I wanted to define my success which meant making an income while having more time with my husband and children. Perhaps you're here with a similar fire – a longing for a life on your terms. Whether you're yearning to ditch the office or dreaming of extra streams of income, the Roadmap is your co-pilot in constructing a lucrative business.

Now, let's talk about this digital treasure box, The Redefine Bundle. It's not just a course; it's your pathway to the digital world, complete with the power to resell it if that's your jam. Oh, and did I mention? The best part is, it won't make your wallet wince like other courses out there.

This is the course I dreamed of when I embarked on my online journey – designed with simplicity in mind (no need to be a tech whiz), saving you precious time so you can leap forward.

Here's to your future & creating your version of "having it all"!

Much sass and cheers,


p.s. Don't forget to check out the bonus included when you make your purchase.

p.s.s Grab your FREE Digital Product Starter Kit. This is your essential checklist for creating a profitable digital product.

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